Estate Planning

Prudent Estate Planning

Make Sure Your Estate is in Order

Without a strong legal estate plan, the future of your assets will be left in the hands of the courts. The legal process of determining what passes to your heirs can deplete those assets. You can prevent that confusion by establishing a clear estate plan with the help of Gunderson & Associates, LLC.

Our experienced agents can help you build the insurance portfolio and other estate planning tools necessary to pass your assets, property, and finances to the heirs you choose.

Begin Planning Your Estate With a FREE Consultation

Our local agents will meet with you in your home for a FREE consultation about planning your estate. We'll help you understand your family's needs, and we'll offer you a variety of services at the best prices available.

Same-day appointments are available, so call us today at 715-830-0200 to begin planning your estate. We serve all of Wisconsin and many of the surrounding states.
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